The best online lottery Keno Srbija for Serbian players

Keno is a number game popular for 3,000 years, played with cards (tickets). On them in squares are written numbers, usually from 1 to 80. The player marks or circles as many numbers as he wishes, and from the container randomly, the leader draws 20 numbered balls or crushes. If a Keno player in Serbia guesses a certain number of numbers – he is the winner!

A Brief History of Keno Srbija

The story goes that Chung Lyung invented this gambling game, similar to Keno in Serbia. It was created to raise funds to save its city in the midst of a protracted war. Some stories also say that keno was invented to finance the construction of the Great Wall of China.

This Chinese game of Keno was similar to what we know today as the classic Keno in Serbia. Chung Lyung’s gambling game was based on the popular modern poem „Classics of a Thousand Hieroglyphs“. There are 1,000 Chinese characters in this poem, none of which are repeated.

The old game used the first 120, divided into groups of eight characters. Players had to correctly guess one unit, obtaining all eight hieroglyphs to win. The modern version of this game is still used in China, albeit with 80 characters instead of the original 120.

After the spread of popularity, the game became known as the „White Pigeon Game“. It was played not only in big cities, but also in small villages.

Winning combinations were sent around the neighborhood with the help of pigeons. Eventually, the game began to be played all over China. The rest of the world learned about Keno only in the 20th century, although other types of lotteries and gambling were known and popular. Keno in Serbia also appeared in the 20th century.

Introduction to Keno Srbija

Keno in Serbia fits perfectly into the world of online gambling, as land-based casinos also used computer technology for this game. Keno gambling software in the shortest possible time became embedded in online gambling software and the game gained immense popularity among players. Therefore, the transition of Keno’s game from land-based casinos to casino online was not so difficult, and in a short period it gained a significant number of fans.

In such games, players receive a certain number of credits with each winning, which can then be exchanged for real money. Players also get a fixed length of time to play or can choose another variation without restriction – today the choice is huge. At the end of the Keno game in Serbia, the player with the most credits is declared the winner and takes his prize.

How to play Keno Srbija?


How to play Keno Srbija?
If a novice player has a basic knowledge of the lottery and bingo, then mastering the gameplay of the game „Keno“ in Serbia will take him only a few minutes. So, players buy a Keno ticket, which shows the numbers from 1 to 80. Players can choose 20 random numbers from the ticket. A random number generator determines a number, and the player with that number is declared the winner.
Casinos may offer betting options that vary from one casino to another. Casinos may offer a variety of keno cards to keep the game fun. For example, a casino with the game Keno in Serbia may offer top-down tickets to select a number from the top or bottom of the ticket.

Keno Srbija Rules

Classic keno games, like Keno in Serbia, use a format similar to that used in bingo. That is, to determine the winners, numbered balls are pulled out of the container. However, this is where the similarities between the two games end. In keno, before each round or „race“, players buy a ticket that indicates from 1 to 20 digits to choose from.

In online keno, numbers are selected by a program known as a random number generator. Random number generators may still be represented by animated ball draws, or online casinos may simply display numbers as they are selected. In any case, the software is designed in such a way as to simulate the real odds offered by the live draw of balls to Keno players in Serbia.

At the end of the betting period, a draw of numbers takes place for each race. A total of 20 numbers out of 80 are played. Unlike bingo, Keno in Serbia does not require players to drop combinations of lines or pieces, but you can win both less and more. Your payout will be determined by how many seats/numbers you put on your ticket and how many of them matched the 20 numbers that fell during this keno race.

Obviously, not every ticket will be a winner, but not getting to many places does not necessarily mean a loss. Whether you’ve lost most of the seats or almost none, if the probability of dropping out so many spots is high, then you’re more likely to get paid. For example, for tickets with 20 seats, the casino usually pays out payouts for 0, 1, 2, 3 and 7-20 hits. The chances of getting into 17-20 places are so high that all these hits give the same payout. To date, no one has managed to knock out all 20 places on the maps of the game Keno in Serbia and other countries.


Online lottery Keno srbija from a mobile device

Today, Keno in Serbia is so popular that finding a mobile version of the game will not be a problem for absolutely anyone. Many developers, seeing how popular the lottery is, have developed not only games for online casino platforms through which every gambling enthusiast can play from his smartphone, but also mobile applications.

It is simply enough for the player to visit his favorite casino site and launch this game using an optimized browser. Or say a separate application of the game Keno in Serbia on one of the Internet resources and have the game always at hand, and sometimes without an Internet connection. But in such cases, the game takes place for the sake of obtaining pleasure, without the possibility of earning.